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Austen Heidlage

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Name: Austen Heidlage
Age: 22
Weight: 215
Height: 6’1″
Right Handed
Wins/Losses: 2-0 amateur – 0-0 pro
Home Town: Carthage Missouri
Sponsors: State Room
Accomplishments: Missouri Wrestling State Champion
Fighting Styles: Wrestling/Muay Thai

Q- Where are you from, home town, high school/ college?

A- I’m from Carthage, Missouri, I graduated from Carthage High School in 2008, and I am currently going to school to become a Firefighter.

Q- What is your Martial arts/wrestling background?

A- I’ve been wrestling since i was in fourth grade. I came up through an amazing youth program. Once i got to high school I was a four year starter and ended up winning state my Sr. year giving my head coach his first ever state champion which is one of the proudest moments in my life, also while in high school I set numerous school records including destroying the career pin record and setting it at 98 falls. After that I spent a year at Labette Community College wrestling which is a great junior college program which at the time I may have hated but as I look back now I think that it really had a big influence on me. After that I came up to LaCrosse Wisconsin and wrestled for UW-LaCrosse for 2 years.

Q- What is your 5 year goal?

A- My 5 year goal is just like any other fighter and that’s to be fighting in the UFC, except like a lot of other guys I’m going to be one of the few who do it.

Q- How many hours per week do you spend training?

A- When I’m getting ready for a fight that’s all that is on my mind I spend at least 3 or 4 hours a day getting ready for a fight.

Q- What part of training do you find least enjoyable?

A- Fighting sucks, you’ve got to be really crazy to want to get punched in the face, I wish I was good at something easy like golf but I’m not, I’m good at fighting so it’s what I do.

Q- Have you had any bad experience with promoters or other fighters?

A- I just seem to have really bad luck when it come to promoters and fighters, in the last year I’ve had 4 fights get canceled, one due to injury to myself anther because the guy got cut and two more because of something going on with the promoter. Its all just part of it this isn’t an easy sport and shit happens.

Q- What are your feelings about drug use in MMA, including the recent case of Nick Diaz being caught with marijuana in his system?

A- I don’t really care what people put in their bodies it doesn’t change what I do. As far as Diaz is concerned it sounds like he had a “prescription” for it so I’m sure it will all blow over soon enough and the only reason it is getting as much attention is because of all the drama with the last fight he had.

Q- Who do you want to fight?

A- Roy Nelson, it would be an honor to get to fight him.

Q- Who would you rather not get into the cage with?

A- Obama, I don’t want ANYBODY thinking I want to fight that man because I DO NOT want a visit from the secret service.

Q- Who/what is your inspiration?

A- Family, friends, God, I use everything in my life for inspiration the good and especially the bad.

Q- What was your first fight like?

A- Quick, I expected to be nervous but once it came time I just looked at it like anther wrestling match and was relaxed the hole time.

Q- Did you have any apprehension prior to walking to the cage?

A- Nope just another day at the office.

Q- What do you do to prepare for entering the cage?

A- I put in the time in at the gym and I “try” to put good food in my body. Although gas station corndogs always seem to get me to break my diet somehow.

Q- What kind of adversity if any have you had to overcome that has helped you to get where you are now?

A- I’ve had events in my life that have lead me to where I’m at now and I take everything that has happened in my life just for what it was.

Q- Do you prefer fighting from ground or standup?

A- You would thing being a wrestler I would prefer fighting on the ground but I have really started to love the standup since at least I think I’m at the point where I think I can stand up with anybody at my level in the sport.

Q- Do you feel that everyone can be trained to fight?

A- No, I think a lot of people just don’t have the mentality it takes to be a fighter but i do think there are a lot of people that have enough drive but just lack the talent to get the job done.

Q- How do you handle loss? Is it something you can shake off easily?

A- I’ve put in the time at the gym to be able to avoid losing and I’m going to keep doing that.

Q- What is your advice to kids who are interested in becoming a fighter?

A- Play Golf it’s much easier on your body.

Q- What is your advice to the people who just want to become street thugs?

A- People can do what they want as long as it doesn’t affect me or my gym I really don’t care what peoples agendas are

Q- What finishing move would you use on Richard Simmons? (I may need to consider that 19 year olds don’t know who Richard Simmons is)

A- I would never fight Richard Simmons that dude is awesome.

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